Rob Austein

Some folks say a program's the sum of its parts
But that ain't so, and debugging's an art
Debugging's an art to drive you crazy for good
'Cause your patch never does you thought it would

You write 16K and what do you find?
You're another day older and further behind
Don't y'call me, Saint Peter, 'cause I can't go
My code don't run and my compiler's too slow...

It doesn't look like I'll ever have time to write a gee-whiz neato keen home page, so you'll just have to make do with this one.

  1. My PGP key
  2. Places I've worked
  3. Volunteer stuff
  4. Blog
  5. Photos
  6. Publications
  7. Ancient history and other jokes
  8. Other writings
  9. Almae Matres
  10. Murphy had it backwards!
  11. Wear it as long as thou canst
  12. Beekeeping
  13. Why Should I Care What Color the Bikeshed Is?
  14. Restaurants and pubs worth visiting if you happen to be in town; given the nature of the restaurant business, links in this list tend to go stale quite quickly, so if the link itself doesn't work, try searching for the name and location of the restaurant.

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